Wednesday, December 6, 2017

FREE GIFT! My 2018 Life Planning Workbook is Here

Hi I’m Leone!
Here is my FREE
2018 Life Planning Workbook!
My gift to YOU!

Ten years ago I had a frank conversation with myself and came to the decision that I wanted to spend time in my life, sitting across the table from moms in coffee shops around the world and say, “You Can Do This!” and here’s how…

That is how, Crafting My Powerful Life, A Leadership Development Company for Moms,  began this beautiful journey to REACH, TEACH, INSPIRE & EMPOWER moms around the world.
I believe in living life on a higher level every single day of the year!  I believe we can do it, ladies.
I think on a higher level.
I believe on a higher level.
I take action on a higher level.
And I believe you can do the same if you so desire.

As the Founder & CEO, I am on a mission to reach, teach, inspire and empower moms around the world to live in their greatness.  To become a Master Life Crafter.  I am building a tribe of Master Life Crafter Moms and I am so pleased to have you join me.

Crafting My Powerful Life
is a
Leadership Development Company for Moms
Your Life.  Your Design.  Your Responsibility.

My 2018 Life Planning Workbook is my gift to moms all over the world.  I invite you to “Sit in the Quiet” with your copy of my 2018 Life Planning Workbook and take the time to reflect on & review your past year.  Then move forward to plan your amazing 2018 year for clarity,  massive productivity and daily success.   We are going on a life crafting journey together.  

It is Your Life.  By Your Design.  And it is all Your Responsibility.  
What do you want to do, be and have in your precious and amazing life for the coming year?  I encourage you to use this Life Planning Workbook to CRAFT a year of life like no other.  It is in YOUR hands.

My goal is to inspire you to take the time to design your life every year.  To be an active participant in your goals and dreams as you set the example for your family and inspire other moms to do the same.  Become a Master Life Crafter with me.

At the end I have laid out next steps to help you make your next move.  Step by step we move life forward.

Ready?  Let’s get Crafting!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Leadership Development Workshop on St. Croix, Virgin Islands

Leadership Development Workshop
Saturday October 28th
Guiding Principles to move YOUR life to the next level of
productivity and massive success.

Are you:  
  • Feeling stuck and want to move to the next level?
  • Wanting to become an entrepreneur but don’t know where to begin?
  • Ready to learn action steps to become more productive in your daily life?
  • Looking for accountability and mentorship in your life?
  • Tired of being a lone ranger and want to be a part of a posse?
  • Ready for the next big leap?

What you will learn:  
  • Principles of becoming a “Master Life Crafter”
  • To identify 4 life focus areas to prioritize
  • How to maximize your daily productivity
  • To focus on and define daily action steps toward your overall vision
  • To take 100% responsibility to Design YOUR Life!

No more hesitation.  No more excuses.  Register now!  
Take 100% responsibility for YOUR life.
Success is what you get by the person YOU BECOME.
~Jim Rohn

Date:  Saturday, October 28th, 2017
Time:  10:00am to 12:30pm
Place:  Local St. Croix Workshop
Private residence will be announced to registered participants

Workshop Cost:
Early Bird Special is $37 up to 10/21 at midnight!
Workshop fee is $47 per person after 10/21

Contact Leone for information and registration payment:

Your Special Workshop Bonuses:
  • Free Digital Printable Workbook to increase learning and retention.
  • Pre Launch digital copy of my 2018 Life Planning Workbook ~ FREE
  • Sale price on my From Anxious & Overwhelmed to Focused & Productive Course  of only $41
  • Entry for Raffle of 2 slots for a 90 minute PRIVATE MENTOR SESSION with ME Value $150

Ladies, life is hard enough, let’s quit trying to do it alone!
Your Life.  Your Design.  Your Responsibility.

What other ladies are saying about Crafting My Powerful Life:
“Yes. In only one session, I already received a clear view of why I need to make a change in my life and it filled me with hope and courage to not only want to make those steps but inspired me to make them. It made me hunger for more for a mindset that is positively productive and effective.” -DonaMila Inta Taitano

"I would absolutely recommend Mastermind to other women. And anything else that Leone puts out for that matter! Every woman, moms especially, should have THIS support and motivational group of women who encourage each other to strive for better with an organized, thoughtful process. In just the short time I've been in this group I'm so encouraged by what's ahead for my family and I. I'm learning to shift my mindset and pursue MY dreams in a practical, positive and productive manner with an awesome group of women cheering me on." - Kristen Cruz

You can reach me at (local) 340-244-2400 for questions and information.
@Leone_lifecrafter on Instagram