Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My 4 Step No Nonsense Power Morning Formula

Peace, Productivity and Prosperity in 60 Focused Minutes

Ten years ago I took my life in a new direction when I heard a recording on the importance of taking time to sit down and plan. The teaching was to wake up an hour early and take the time to think, write, read and plan. I put the steps into action the very next morning. Yes, it changed my life! My productivity and results increased immediately and I still practice the early morning sessions.

I call it my Power Morning Formula, and I am passing it on to YOU.

Our life and it's results are 100% our responsibility. It's our job! We experience success or failure, progress or stagnation, based on the choices we make and what we do with our time, skill sets and abilities. By taking 60 minutes in the morning I reprogrammed my life for success, increased my productivity and gained peace of mind through clarity.

The magic is in the planning.

I took the information, developed a system I could follow, and applied it to my life. The rewards have been astounding and rewarding. I fine tuned the habit into 4 easy steps that I could follow and disciplined myself to stick with it. Whenever I feel myself faltering or that ugly anxiety creeping in, I can always point back to the cause: I missed a morning or two of my Power Morning habit.

The Power Morning Formula equals peace, productivity and prosperity.

Benefits of the Power Morning Formula:
  • Cuts down on anxiety and gives you peace of mind.  
  • Strips away all the distractions and keeps you in your zone of genius for maximum personal productivity.
  • Stops confusion and keeps you focused on the actions you need to take to reach your chosen goals for the year.

These 4 quick no nonsense POWER MORNING FORMULA steps redesigned my life, my attitude and my results. In just one hour a day (4 x 15 minutes) I program success in all areas of my life.

Sit in the quiet and plan your life.
Think. Plan. Do. Review...Repeat!

Step 1: Prayer and Gratitude:  15 minutes
Ladies, life is hard enough, let’s quit trying to do it alone.
I need all the help I can get. I spend time in prayer and thanksgiving for all that I have and hope for.  I like to write down my gratitude to keep me conscious of the good in my life and be open to receive more blessings.  I am always grateful for another day to make things happen and for another opportunity to work my plan.

Step 2: Visualization and Recitation:  15 minutes
Profess it to possess it.
I speak what I want and I believe that I will succeed in having it. I take the time to focus on my vision board, I make a new one each year, to remind myself of my WHY.  I repeat my statement of desire with definiteness of purpose, faith in what I am doing and belief in achieving it.  I repeat my mantras that I have chosen for the year and I visualize myself in the acquisition of my dreams.  I feel, see and accept abundance and success into my life.

Step 3: Write and Plan:  15 minutes
Write it down.  Make it happen.
Writing down what you want programs your subconscious mind for action. I take this to heart and I am specific and detailed. I draw out a mind map of my chosen goals for the year.  I write out specific dollar amounts, the action steps, and when I want to see them come to fruition. Yes, I write out the same thing pretty much every day.  Remember, I am programming my mind for what I want to come to fruition. I do this for the year and I am checking off the successes as I go along. When you define and write your goals you give your brain notice on exactly what to focus on and it will show you the way to get your dreams.  
Doing this key Power Morning step gives me peace of mind. I always know what to do next and where to focus my energy to reach my overall goals for the year.  I have a written plan, I consistently revisit my plan, and I work my plan.  This maximizes my productivity and ensures my results.

Step 4: Listen and/or Read:  15 minutes
Input = Income
I take my personal development very seriously.  I believe that my income and success are in direct relation to my level of personal growth.  Reading the right books is my personal development and how I keep myself growing and learning.  Readers are leaders. I use audio books for ease and accessibility. It is as easy as pressing "play."  

Bonus: For audio books, I turn my cleaning, dressing and driving time into my learning time by pressing play. I also purchase the printed books.  I use print when I have an in depth topic I want to learn, for note taking (I love writing in my books.), and for books with action steps I want to follow.  I choose my reading and study material based on the topics I decided on for the year.  I study topics on a quarterly schedule and I aim for mastery of the subject matter through daily life implementation. When life gets tough, the knowledge and practices I learned keep me on track. Knowledge is power when we apply it to our lives in problem solving.

Question & Action: Are you ready to set your alarm an hour earlier so you can
redesign your life? Take action today! Begin my no nonsense POWER MORNING FORMULA. Set the alarm on your phone and let tomorrow morning be the beginning of your new productivity lifestyle.
If you are "IN" raise your hand in the comments below.