Monday, February 18, 2013

Leone's Caribbean Seasoning Recipe

Leone's Caribbean Seasoning can be used for an all purpose seasoning, you can use for meats, fish, chicken and bean dishes cooked or salad types. I also use for my Caribbean rice dish.

Ingredients List

1-1/2 cups Salt (I like Morton Kosher Salt)
1/2 cup Black pepper
3/4 cup Granulated garlic
1cup Granulated onion
1/2 cup Paprika
1/4 cup Cumin
1/4 cup Thyme ( I use thyme leaves not ground)

1. Use a large bowl to give room to mix the spices and herbs thoroughly. Use a wire whisk to mix.

I like to use the large commercial size spice container or jar with a tight lid so I can shake it really well.

Coming soon: My favorite stewed beans that are my staple over brown rice. You have to take your shoes off to eat it! It's that good.